Maui Wedding Videographer

Are you looking for a Maui wedding videographer? Most people who are have an amazing videographer are looking online. Of course you have your good word of mouth people, but when you have so much going on, planning for your big day, networking is kind of out of the question. The word of mouth can only go so far, especially for an island that’s in the middle of the Pacific.

A good wedding videographer in Maui will always be prepared with videos to showcase in the event that somebody wants to see some of their past work. Videography can be tricky because although fun, it’s very tedious and can usually be very work heavy because of all the shooting and editing especially.

Maui is the perfect island to get married, therefore you will always get the most beautiful footage for a wedding. If you get married on a day that has lots of clouds, overcast or rain, unfortunately that’s not the videographer’s fault, and videos are a little harder to edit then photos. Photos can easily be manipulated to appear more clear on a bad day. Worry not! You can always turn a bad or rainy or windy day into a beautiful video for your wedding on Maui.

Maui has some very diverse beaches, and most people know which beach they are getting married on, and if they don’t, they are probably Google searching the heck out of it. If you want to know what the best beaches are to get married, you can ask me, or you can always go on YouTube, Google that sort of thing.

There are many great aspects about shooting a wedding video in Maui. The island is filled with a plethora of settings such as the beautiful beaches in Lahaina, Wailea, Jungle, Waterfalls and even dry places like La Perouse Bay are good to shoot.

Most weddings happen at the beach, but the ones that are shot in other settings including venues are just as beautiful.

If you’re interested in learning more, just give me a call or text message.